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Kids are naturally inquisitive about things related to outer space. Crafting can provide a fun introduction to the wonders of the galaxy. We’ve rounded up more than 20 fun outer space crafts for kids of all ages that combine art and learning. You’ll find constellation crafts, aliens, rocket ships, eclipses, and solar system models among the projects below. Whether your child is into simple paper crafts using templates or more hands-on, creative projects, we’ve got you covered!

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Cool Constellation Crafts

Our Toothpick Constellations are an excellent STEM activity that younger and older kids alike will love. All you need is some toothpicks and mini marshmallows, and you’re good to go. Use the SkyView app or an astronomy book to choose your favorite constellations and start building. We also made constellations using glow-in-the-dark foam stickers.

Galaxy paintings are so much fun! Check out our Galaxy Paintings with Constellation Designs to see how we painted gorgeous galaxies using the splatter technique and then made constellations using star sequins and a chalk marker.

Make Pipe Cleaner Constellations to learn more about the major constellations in the night sky. This project by 123 Homeschool 4 Me is a fun craft to make before a night of stargazing so that you’ll know which shapes to look for.

How cool is this DIY Constellation Projector from Playground and Parkbench?! Kids use a flashlight and a few supplies you likely have on hand and then use the projector to make constellations appear on the wall.

Moon Theme Art Projects

If you’re in the mood to decorate, this lovely Moon Craft Mobile by Fantastic Fun and Learning will make a beautiful addition to any child’s room. It’ll look dreamy hanging from the ceiling as the kids drift off into dreamland.

Learn about solar eclipses while making a paper plate craft. This Solar Eclipse Craft by The Joy of Sharing will come in handy for the annular solar eclipse in 2021 or the total solar eclipse in 2024.

Science and art meet for this Fizzy Paint Moon Craft by Little Bins for Little Hands. What a cool way to combine chemistry and astronomy! Add a bit of baking soda to your paint to make any piece of art fizzy when you spritz it with a vinegar solution.

Non-Toy Gifts shares a Sleepy Moon Paper Project and template. This outer space craft is great for preschool and kindergarten ages!

Cute Alien Crafts for Kids

Set up an invitation to make K-Cup Aliens! The possibilities are endless when you give the kids some empty k-cups, paint, glue, and a few accessories like pipe cleaners and googly eyes. This craft pairs perfectly with the book called Life on Mars.

I’m in LOVE with this super cute Cardboard Tube Alien and Spaceship Craft from Ooly! There is a free printable template so that you can make it too. It is sure to make you smile!

Artsy Craftsy Mom’s Paper Alien Spaceship Craft combines paper quilling with printable template pieces for a craft that’s challenging enough for older kids but simple enough for the little ones to enjoy, too. The spattered black background is a nice touch, too.

Check out these paper Alien and UFO Stick Puppets from Messy Little Monster. She includes a printable template for making your own.

Here is a classic Paper Plate Spaceship Craft from Craft Project Ideas. My favorite thing about this is the fun way they made aliens using pom poms to sit inside the spaceships!

Read the book, “There Was An Old Martian That Swallowed The Moon” and then pair it with an absolutely adorable Popsicle Stick Alien Spaceship Craft. From Glued To My Crafts.

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Awesome Rocket Craft Ideas

Simple Everyday Mom’s Rocket Craft is a simple and fun activity for little kids. They’ll do a little painting, coloring, cutting, and gluing, which are all fantastic skills for your preschoolers and kindergarteners to practice. The rocket craft template makes this a great project for the classroom, too.

Planning a space-themed birthday party? These Flying Rockets by Picklebums will make fantastic favors, and it gives the kids something fun to do during the party. Of course, you can make them anytime with the kids. Once the craft is completed, head outside to fly your rockets around, letting the streamer flames fly in the wind as you run about.

Kids will have a blast making and playing with this Soda Bottle Space Rocket from A Little Pinch of Perfect. Because it’s made of recycled materials, it’s a fantastic project for Earth Day or anytime you want to teach kids about recycling materials to keep them out of the landfills.

Artsy Fartsy Mama’s Straw Rockets will be a huge hit with kids of all ages. Kids can color and cut out their rockets, put them on the straws, and see who can launch their rockets the highest.

Look We’re Learning’s Paper Roll Rocket Craft is an excellent way to use some of the toilet rolls or paper towel tubes you’ve been saving. You are keeping those, right? They’re terrific for crafting. Kids can personalize their rockets using their favorite color paint and colorful paper.

Enjoy a bedtime story followed by a fun crafting session the next morning (or make the craft right before bedtime). This Goodnight Spaceman Craft by Crafts on Sea is a wonderful way to enjoy a couple of hours of quality family time together.

This Basketweave Rocket Ship by Frugal Mom Eh is a fun classroom activity. The rocket ships will look amazing around a bulletin board or on the classroom door for a back-to-school space theme.

Mark the pages of your favorite sci-fi reads with a colorful Rocket Corner Bookmark by Artsy Craftsy Mom. It’s super simple to put together using the printable template. This is an excellent craft for after-school library groups!

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More Fun Outer Space Crafts

This Outer Space Discovery Bottle is mesmerizing for little ones, and watching the stars and glitter move throughout the bottle is a great way to calm down and unwind before bedtime.

If you really want to make your watercolors pop, stock up on some black glue! For instance, this Black Glue Galaxy Craft by I Heart Crafty Things is stunning, and the colors really look bolder when they’re outlined in black glue. It’s especially great for galaxy-inspired art.

Step out in style with a Galaxy Shirt inspired by Everyday Best. You’ll need a black shirt, cosmic-colored fabric paints, some bleach, and a bit of time. Follow the video tutorial for step-by-step fail-proof directions.

This 3D Solar System Model from Mombrite is fun and educational! Roll styrofoam balls in the paint to achieve the cool, marbled effect for each planet. When they’re all dry, arrange the planets according to their position and proximity to the sun.

Spruce up the kids’ playroom with this Space Theme Wreath by 3 Dinosaurs. Using clothespins and cotton balls to paint the wreath is a fun alternative to the traditional paintbrush and helps kids practice their grasp. Using the star-shaped and circular hole punches also helps with fine motor skills.

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Cosmically Cool Outer Space Crafts for Kids - Artsy Momma (2024)
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